Fender Twin Reverb

Fantastic amplifire. Clean sound only, if I want the overdrive I use a cream machine or a Boss pedal.
Every guitar sounds great with this ampli. I recently bought all the tubes in china for replacement but I still didn’t change them.
It still has no problem. Big sound.

I received this ampli as a present, together with my Stratocaster

Serial Number: A 39997
Date: 1972

Twin Reverb AB763, AC568, AA769, AA270 (silverface)
A10500 to A11300 – 1967
A10500 to A16500 – 1968
A16500 to A21400 – 1969
A21400 to A25600 – 1970
0100 to 3400        – 1970
A25600 to A37000 – 1971
A37000 to A50500 – 1972
A50500 to A68000 – 1973
A68000 to A99999 – 1974
A81000 to A99999 – 1975
B01000 to B15000 – 1975
B15000 to B68000 – 1976

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Amplifires

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