Rickembaker 360 – 6 strings

Great guitar, the sound is amazing powerful.
I bought it directly from the distributor in Switzerland. I was there one afternoon trying all the guitars he had… made him crazy! In the end I choosed this.
Really perfect. High level munufactered. Two truss roads to keep the neck straigt. Shaller machine heads. Hollow body. all made in maple with a Rosewood fingerboard.
The only thing I am not 100% confortable with so little neck. You need to change your way of playing but is a fantastic challange.

Serial number: F1 8011
Date: 05/1988

Rickenbackers from 1961 to 1986
Serial letters and numbers are stamped on the jackplate. Look for a two letter date code.
The first letter gives the year (starting with A for 1961) and the second letter is the month of manufacture, A through L. For example “AC” = a 1961, March manufacture date.

Rickenbackers from 1987 to 1991
From 1987 to 1991 the dating is a little different. Now we are looking for a letter and a
number above the jack. The code should look like “A8”. You will need the first 2 characters.
The first letter on jackplate is the month and the number is the year starting with 1987
represented by “0”. For example a A0= a January, 1987 manufacture date and C2= March
1989 manufacture date.

Rickenbacker 360

Rickenbackers guitars

rickenbacker guitars

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